Power like you've never seen before.

Solar Energy

We design, engineer, and install custom-designed solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, from facility-scale systems to utility-scale solar farms. 

Solar Performance

We take performance to the next level. Once your solar project is built, we provide ongoing support that ensures your system is maximizing its power generation.

Electric Vehicle Charging

We work with industry leaders to bring premium performance EV chargers to your home, business, or municipal operation. We keep you moving. 

Make your solar energy project a reality. Harness the limitless power of the sun.

VCT Group specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar power and electric vehicle charging systems. Our rooftop arrays, solar carports, canopies and utility-scale solar projects generate financial and environmental benefits that enable you to go carbon-free by powering your operation with clean energy. Make an impact without increasing your energy costs. Green is good for business.

Solar is now the cheapest option for electrical power generation. Discover how partnering with us can transform your under-utilized rooftop and parking lot areas into productive spaces that showcase your organization’s commitment to a brighter future. 

We are solar performance experts who use state of the art diagnostic tools and software to maximize energy generation. We balance the weight of aesthetics, performance returns, finances and operations to construct a custom solution that fits your needs. Partner with us to rethink traditional infrastructure, and transform your under-utilized space into a solar power plant. Solar is for everyone.

Custom solar designs.


The performance experts.

Actualize your project.

Our belief in solar architecture.

Power That Performs

Solar production at maximum efficiency. From day one to 25 years and beyond.

Conscious Design

No matter the project, we design systems that are conscious to the space they occupy. Surfaces that act as more than basic utility. They are your new utility.

Data. Data. Data.

Industry leading custom diagnostics and software. The more information we can harness for you, the better the investment.

Beyond Installation

We are more than installers. We provide best in class support for 5 years on every project. Life-long system maintenance from the people who designed it. Simple.


Recent News

How do solar cells work?

As long as we’ve been in the business of solar energy, we keep getting asked one question: How do solar cells work? 

In short, solar cells are energy converters. At the most basic level, they absorb the energy from sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. That is the simplest answer, but with just a little physics we can gain a deeper understanding.

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Dramatic telescopic close-up image of the sun on white background

Solar. The power to adapt.

We adapt. We always have. It’s in our nature. From our humble beginnings discovering fire, each step in the evolution of improving our lives has been powered by an increasing ability to harness the energy around us. Now we are ready to take the next great leap – solar power. 

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Dramatic picture of a giant sun rising above a solar power carport

There is power in a revolution.

We are living in revolutionary times. The world is poised for radical change in how we generate and use electricity driven by innovative ideas and modern technology. Solar is the technology ready to power this revolution.

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