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Powering everyone.

We believe in a world where power is clean, affordable, and accessible to everyone. Energy that empowers us and helps us build a carbon-free economy. We design and construct solar energy projects that transform under-utilized spaces. Scalable infrastructure that is deployable anywhere, in diverse climates. Solar on the human scale. Solar that pays for itself. Solar for everyone.

Powering cities.
Powering industry.
Powering transportation.
Powering agriculture.
Powering communities.
Powering retail.
Powering destinations.

Addressing Intermittency

Renewable energy technologies are often popularly dismissed as suitable for baseload generation based on their intermittency – their variability paired with their unpredictability. Energy storage mitigates this issue by converting surplus power to storable forms. Learn more about the fascinating energy storage technologies that are addressing renewable intermittency.

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Recycling Solar

Are solar panels actually good for the environment if we can’t recycle them and they are only destined to pile up in the landfill? How this statement is projected reflects a persistent myth regarding solar – that the panels cannot be recycled. The truth is that they can.

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EV charging – Good for business

Commercial EV Charging is preparing forward-thinking businesses, developments, and municipalities for the future of transportation. As electric vehicle prices begin to compete with their ICE (internal combustion engine) peers, EVs are becoming a natural way to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

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Made in North America. Made to endure.

We design our installations to endure in Canada’s harshest conditions. Solar is for everywhere. Snow, rain, wind, ice – bring it on.

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