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We believe in a world where power is clean, abundant, affordable, and accessible to everyone. 

 Energy that empowers us and helps us build a carbon-free economy. We design and construct solar energy projects that transform under-utilized spaces. Scalable infrastructure that is deployable anywhere, in diverse climates. Solar on the human scale. Solar that pays for itself. Solar for everyone.

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Earn decades of energy savings on a 10-12 year payback

With over 300 commercial systems installed, we are your experts for commercial renewable energy. Whether your system is a rooftop installation or a free-standing canopy, you can transform your under-utilized space into a power plant that pays for itself. At VCT we work with you from initial design concept, through permitting, to construction and beyond. Our partnership philosophy combines transparency and education throughout the entire process to ensure you understand all aspects of your system. As your trusted partner, we are excited to help you become a renewable energy expert too. LEARN MORE

solar canopies

Elegantly combine shelter and power generation

For locations where a rooftop system is not an option, we offer a diverse line of industry-leading Heliostation solar canopies that can adapt to any site plan. Whether you are in the market for a renewable energy retrofit, or are constructing a new facility, our modular designs maximize energy production and provide shelter from the elements. Discover the benefits a watertight canopy has to improve your facility’s parking experience by providing rain and snow management that goes beyond power generation. LEARN MORE

Prepare for the future of electrified transportation

The electrification of transportation is an inevitability. With all sales of new light-duty vehicles in Canada federally-mandated to be zero-emission by 2035, now is the time to prepare. By working with us to install EV charging infrastructure, including our rugged in-house Power Pedestal designs, you can elevate your facility experience for visitors and employees. We are also experts at installing residential charging systems that bring the convenience of faster EV charging right to your home. LEARN MORE

Maximize your system’s performance

Beyond installation, we are your partner for system operations, monitoring and maintenance – ensuring your array continues to maximize production over its entire lifetime. We proactively monitor your system’s output to identify potential issues and provide rapid response maintenance service to keep it running optimally. From remote monitoring, to electro-luminescent panel testing and infrared system imaging, we have the tools and experience to ensure your solar infrastructure performs beautifully. LEARN MORE


Made in North America. Made to endure.

We design our installations to endure in Canada’s harshest conditions. Solar is for everywhere. Snow, rain, wind, ice – bring it on.

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VCT Group is a Qmerit Certified EV Installer.

We have partnered with Canada’s premier EV Charging installation network – Qmerit. As a leading service provider for North American auto dealers, Qmerit guarantees your home EV charger installation will be quick, hassle free and competitively priced. As a trusted partner, VCT Group provides the same reliable service you’ve come to expect, now backed by the Qmerit network. Learn more