50 Kent MCCO

Raised racking rooftop array


Purpose-Built Raised Steel Structure

When Mennonite Central Committee Ontario built their new shared headquarters they ensured sustainability and renewable energy were part of the building from day one. The gorgeous building at 50 Kent was purpose-built to accommodate the addition of a solar system. Its unique design has a steel structure and racking raised up above all other roof structures, providing more space for the 774 panels which could be arranged for maximum efficiency. 

kg/year of CO₂ emissions saved
Barrels of oil/year saved

50 Kent Ave (MCCO), 50 Kent Ave, Kitchener, ON
Mennonite Central Committee Ontario was building a new main office and was looking to optimize the rooftop for solar PV. VCT worked with them and engineered an optimized solution that included an elevated truss system. This design maximized the roof space available, elevated the system for ease of maintenance and oriented the panels optimally. The project was connected under the FIT program.

Construction started in spring 2016 with open web steel installed to create a base structure for the racking. 50 Kent was purpose-built to handle this system. The raised panels are better at shedding snow, and allow for easier maintenance for both the panels and the roof. The raised system means the panels can cover the whole area of the roof-top, without worrying about obstructions or shading. This also allows them to point due South for maximum efficiency.

Primary Equipment Installed

200kW AC / 240kW DC VCT custom elevated truss system

Design Capacity 
288,321 kWh / year

System Historical Performance
297,738 kWh in 2020