We design and build the future of solar energy.

We have a vision of a world in which power is clean, plentiful and owned by the people. Since 2008, VCT Group has been designing and installing distributed energy infrastructure that transforms under-utilized space for small, medium, and large businesses. Infrastructure which generates power locally, and keeps the economic benefits within the community that it powers.

We believe that solar power is an essential ingredient for the future energy mix that will carry us forward to a carbon-free future. Global increases in energy use have created ready demand for innovation in clean power generation. Solar is already filling that demand around the world. It continues to become more affordable and more powerful.

It is projected by 2050 that 27% of global power demand will be produced by solar. Solar is not only efficient; it produces an energy surplus and carries low maintenance requirements. Its scalability means that it can be installed almost anywhere the sun shines. For individuals, businesses, communities and beyond, solar is for everyone.

Careers at VCT Group

VCT Group offers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, paid time off, and a flexible small-team environment.

If you have a passion for solar technology and want to help build the green energy future, send us your application today. We are growing quickly so check back for opportunities.

As a member of the AMICUS O+M Co-operative, VCT Group is certified as a trainer for solar operations and maintenance. Working for VCT Group is a career-building opportunity to apprentice and earn certification(s) in the solar industry.