Angstrom Engineering

Rooftop Solar Array

kWh/year Generation Capacity
kg/year of CO₂ emissions saved
Barrels of oil/year saved

When Angstrom Engineering was building their new facility they knew solar was a great fit for their corporate sustainability goals. We worked closely with them to construct a 250KW AC fixed panel rooftop array. Built with a ballasted racking system, it requires no penetration of the roof membrane. Over its lifetime the system will provide a levelled cost of energy of 8.805¢ per kWh. Solar pays for itself.

Primary Equipment Installed

324kW DC / 250kW AC. 

Ballasted racking, Solar panels, and Inverters

Design Capacity

384,000 kWh / year

System Historical Performance

System was constructed in summer 2022, data is being collected.