Pickering Casino Resort

Solar carport

Solar energy panel
kg/year of CO₂ emissions saved
Barrels of oil/year
level 2 ev chargers
covered parking spaces

Pickering Casino, 2028 Kellino St, Pickering, ON

VCT Group’s own state of the art solar carport racking with integrated EV charging. Bifacial solar panels maximize production by using all available light, above and below the panels. VCT engineered and manufactured an all aluminum solar carport connected in a net-metered configuration. We integrated EV car charging equipment, lighting and cameras into a long lasting, beautiful and functional structure.

VCT Group Involvement
Engineer, procure and construct the project.

Primary Equipment Installed
200kW AC / 202.02kW DC installed on the carports. VCT aluminum carport and SolarEdge inverters

Design Capacity
248,025 kWh / year

System Historical Performance
Due to COVID-19 the Casino has been shut down and the system has not permanently been energized.