Commercial EV

 Smart EV charging for homes, offices
and everywhere in between

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Whether you are offering EV charging to your customers, or powering your commercial fleet, add the convenience of on-site charging at your facility. Create EV-favourable destinations with complimentary or commercialized charging. Connect with clientele who want to do business with forward-looking companies. Install EV charging & power your business. 

Pulsar Plus fits your business

  • Multi-unit properties, apartments, and condominiums
  • Offices and commercial properties 
  • Hospitality, hotels and restaurants
  • Dealership networks
  • Fleets

High ROI

As EV adoption increases, demand for EV charging will only grow higher. Investing in EV charging infrastructure adds equity, increases property value, and attracts new customers and tenants.

Low cost of ownership

With Wallbox technical and customer support standing behind every charger, property managers and charging network operators can save hundreds of dollars avoiding monthly maintenance fees charged by other providers.

No complicated equipment leasing

Pulsar Plus is an affordable solution for smart EV charging at commercial properties and residential communities, no leasing necessary.

Meet sustainability goals

Integrating EV charging can help properties achieve sustainability targets including LEED certification. 

Pulsar Plus – the compact smart charger for business. 

  • Compact design, powerful performance 240V, Level 2 charging technology in an incredibly small size. Adjustable capacity up to 48A.
  • Scalable Owners and operators can easily connect multiple chargers and manage their charger networks, growing their charging infrastructure as needed.
  • Compatible Pulsar Plus fits every EV available in North America. 
  • Durable UL listed and NEMA Type 4 rated watertight, Pulsar Plus is safe for indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Connected With both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, users and charging network operators have multiple ways to connect to and control connected chargers. 
  • Power Sharing Up to 25 Pulsar Plus chargers can be connected to a single electrical circuit, dynamically balancing power delivery to connected vehicles while keeping total electrical demand within safe limits.
  • Network ready Available as an option, Pulsar Plus can be OCPP-ready and integrate with utility demand response programs and charging networks.
  • myWallbox The myWallbox platform enables control over multiple chargers, users, and groups, and provides access to real-time statistics.

Coming Soon! Supernova


Supernova is a full fast-charging solution designed under four key principles that make it profitable, easy to operate and scalable:


Maximizing uptime to increase revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing maintenance costs. From our product design focused on reliability and serviceability to the use of real-time data to optimize maintenance and management.


Deliver more power with optimal resource utilization. Supernova requires up to half the total investment compared to similar chargers, is a leader in terms of energy efficiency and ensures easy installation and operation.

User centricity

Thanks to our end-user understanding, gained through years of delivering home charging solutions, we provide the best possible fast charging experience. A seamless experience attracts more drivers, increases turnover and reduces customer callbacks.


Supernova integrates into any existing charging network and provides a future proof solution, offering simple alternatives to increase its power as well as compatibility with today’s and tomorrow’s electric vehicles.

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As an authorized reseller we believe that Wallbox EV chargers have an excellent balance of features, reliability and price. We’re not exclusive though, and can install any make or model of EV charger for your home or commercial charging needs. Whether you have already purchased a charger, or want advice and assistance in choosing your technology, talk to us. We are your trusted partner for EV charging.

VCT Power Pedestals

Introducing Power Pedestals from VCT Group. These rugged EV Charging stations are designed to be installed anywhere, in any climate.
  • Single or dual charger design*
  • Compatible with almost any charger
  • Integrated cable retractor(s)
  • Built for every season
  • All aluminum design
  • Rustproof
  • Low footprint
  • Powder-coated satin finish
  • Available in Jet Black or Sand

*Chargers not included. Depiction is for illustrative purposes only.

Power where you need it.



Powering everyone.