Solar carports and rooftop arrays

kg/year of CO₂ emissions saved
Barrels of oil/year saved
level 2 ev chargers
covered parking spaces

Canada’s First Zero Carbon Building​ 

In 2018 we were part of the team that built evolv1, a revolutionary and replicable way to build sustainable office space, and Canada’s first Zero Carbon Design Certified building. As a partner through the development process we helped the developer, The Cora Group, design a photovoltaic system that achieved their energy needs, and met their vision for what the office of the future can look like. Now that the building is operational, our solar array is generating electricity and thanks to the integrated monitoring capabilities The Cora Group can show that they will produce more energy than the building will consume.

evolv1, 420 Wes Graham Way, Waterloo

This is one of Canada’s first LEED Platinum buildings and designed to be net energy positive. VCT Group worked with their consultants to optimize the solar design and more accurately forecast the system production. It is comprised of a ground mounted solar carport connected in a net-metered configuration. There is also a ballasted rooftop solar array connected under the FIT program. 

Primary Equipment Installed

220 kW AC / 264 kW DC installed on the roof.

400 kW AC / 504 kW DC installed on the carports.

Design Capacity
872,910 kWh / year

System Historical Performance
875,100 MWh in 2020