Residential EV Charging

Experience the convenience of owning a Level-2 electric vehicle charger at home. Say goodbye to gas stations and charge your vehicle up to 10X faster than a standard outlet. 

Level-2 chargers are dedicated systems that take advantage of the extra electrical power available from 240-Volt circuits – just like your stove or clothes dryer. 
Whether you want to charge overnight, or top up quickly, you’re always ready to go.


  • The best place to charge is in your own driveway or garage
  • Commercial quality for your residential installation
  • Up to 11.6kW (48A) of power at your fingertips! (charging rates between 48-71 km/hour*)
  • The average Canadian driver, travelling 20,000 km per year, can save as much as $2,000 per year on fuel**
  • Charge a full “tank” for less than $10* 
  • Order a Tesla Wall Connector or Siemens VersiCharge Gen3 for your home today!

* Charging times, fuel savings, and costs are dependent on vehicle.

** www.hydroone.com/residential-services/electric-vehicles

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