Guelph Manufacturing

Rooftop array

kg/year of CO₂ emissions saved
Barrels of oil/year saved

Guelph Tool and Die, Guelph, ON
VCT Group worked with the Guelph Tool and Die and CED Co-op to design and build an optimized PV system to generate the best possible returns from their FIT 3.0 rooftop solar PV contract. The system is large ballasted commercial rooftop.

Spanning 4 different buildings, this portfolio of FIT projects are jointly owned between Guelph Manufacturing and CED Co-op. Guelph Manufacturing parts find their way into a number of electric vehicles on the road today. 

Primary Equipment Installed – 40 Lewis Rd Installation (1 of 4)
250 kW AC / 300 kW DC

Ballasted flat roof racking and inverters

Design Capacity
325,957 kWh / year

System Historical Performance
387,861 kWh in 2020