Heliostation™ Agri

Infrastructure that pays for itself.

Heliostation™ is a watertight solar canopy that provides affordable covered storage and power generation for your farm. Protect your equipment from UV, hail, rain and snow. Take advantage of energy production that pays for itself and prepares you for the future. 

Talk to us today about how Heliostation can pay for itself and add infrastructure for the future of your business.

  • 88 kilowatt generation capacity (base model)
  • All aluminum, no-rust construction
  • Efficient installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Built in water, snow, and ice management
  • All season, built for Canada’s climate
  • Integrated lighting
  • Multiple configurations

Built-in water management

Heliostation’s watertight design incorporates low maintenance, gasket-free water management directly into the canopy. Rain and meltwater are directed away to keep covered spaces dry and prevent ice build-up and icicle formation.

Superior cable management

The integrated cable conduits protect the system’s wiring and keep it out of harm’s way. Every detail of Heliostation’s design has been streamlined to make it efficient to assemble, and to provide decades of low-maintenance performance.

High canopy clearance

Heliostation’s canopy design provides best-in-class height clearance. The height ranges from 3-5 meter minimum clearance. Our canopies are tall enough to provide storage space for oversize farm equipment.

Adaptable modular design

Heliostation for agriculture is available in both single and double row configurations for maximum flexibility. The 88kW base model is available in 1×4 (52’x86’) or 2×2 footing (104’x41’) layouts.

Need more coverage? Want more power? The modular design is expandable to fit any space. Net-metering gives you the ability to harvest surplus power in the warmer months and build up credits that are applied to manage energy consumption year-round.

Power your operation with clean, renewable solar and manage your cash flow.

Be ready for the future. Today.

Be ready for the electrification of heavy equipment, transportation and other production needs. The Heliostation foundation pier is built with electric equipment integration in mind.

Energy is the foundation of the agri-food industry. Sustainability is the way forward for major food brands.

Companies such as Loblaws, Walmart, and Maple Leaf are already advertising that they work with sustainable suppliers. Ensure that you are well placed to be a preferred supplier by generating your own zero-carbon power. Be ready for the future with outputs that are in demand from major brands.

Get Heliostation and power your future.

Powering everyone.