Addressing Intermittency

Renewable energy technologies are often popularly dismissed as suitable for baseload generation based on their intermittency – their variability paired with their unpredictability. Energy storage mitigates this issue by converting surplus power to storable forms. Learn more about the fascinating energy storage technologies that are addressing renewable intermittency.

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Recycling Solar

Are solar panels actually good for the environment if we can’t recycle them and they are only destined to pile up in the landfill? How this statement is projected reflects a persistent myth regarding solar – that the panels cannot be recycled. The truth is that they can.

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EV charging – Good for business

Commercial EV Charging is preparing forward-thinking businesses, developments, and municipalities for the future of transportation. As electric vehicle prices begin to compete with their ICE (internal combustion engine) peers, EVs are becoming a natural way to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

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Photograph of the corner of a solar carport showing details of solar panels. The sun is peaking out from behind, casting rays of sunlight.

How does solar work?

As long as we’ve been in the business of solar energy, we keep getting asked one question: How do solar cells work? In short, solar cells are energy converters. At the most basic level, they absorb the energy from sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. That is the simplest answer, but with just a little physics we can gain a deeper understanding.

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Dramatic telescopic close-up image of the sun on white background

Solar. The power to adapt.

We adapt. We always have. It’s in our nature. From our humble beginnings discovering fire, each step in the evolution of improving our lives has been powered by an increasing ability to harness the energy around us. Now we are ready to take the next great leap – solar power.

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Dramatic picture of a giant sun rising above a solar power carport

There is power in a revolution.

We are living in revolutionary times. The world is poised for radical change in how we generate and use electricity driven by innovative ideas and modern technology. Solar is the technology ready to power this revolution.

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