Operations and Maintenance Programs

Committed to Performance.

Our solar operations and maintenance programs are designed to ensure peak system performance to maximize electricity generation, optimize financial return, and protect your investment. 

Solar Operations and Maintenance

A majority of mid-sized systems develop small, undetected losses within 3 to 4 years. These issues compound over time, degrading your system’s performance, and lead to significant losses. Actively monitoring to identify and correct these small operational issues is the best way to maintain a healthy, efficient system.

VCT Group’s solar operations and maintenance services combine internet-based system monitoring with a suite of maintenance procedures. 

O&M Subscription Programs

VCT Group offers a suite of O&M subscription packages for several system sizes.

Daily Monitoring

Your PV system is monitored daily by an active service that reviews site level faults and data output provided by solar PV system hardware.

Fault Notification

Critical fault notifications are pushed to the customer and VCT Group. Examples of critical faults include power loss, downed inverters, and inverter underperformance.

Sensor Packages

System add-ons like snow cameras, irradiance sensors, thermometers and wind speed detectors can assist in remote diagnosis of issues.

Weekly Performance Review

Our monitoring team and platform algorithms analyze system performance and identify underperforming system components.

Monthly and Annual Reports

Recieve regular reports on month-over-month performance, daily production values, forecast predictions, and irradiance data.

Response Time

VCT Group optimizes their fleet to ensure outages are reduced to minimal impact.

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