Pelee Island Winery

Rooftop array

Photo of solar panel array at Pelee Island Winery.
kg/year of CO₂ emissions saved
Barrels of oil/year saved

Pelee Island Winery, Kingsville, ON
VCT Group worked with the Pelee Island Winery to design and build an optimized PV system to generate the best possible returns from their FIT 1.0 rooftop solar PV contract. After several years of reliably maintaining their system Pelee Island Winery engaged VCT Group once again to build another solar PV project at the same site, this time in a net metered configuration. The new system includes a complete SCADA system for the local utility.

VCT Group Involvement
Engineer, procure and construct the project and continued ongoing maintenance.

Primary Equipment Installed
250 kW AC / 412.5 kW DC hb solar standing seam roof install and Eaton central inverter for the 2013 FIT project

233.3 kW AC / 311.08 kW DC hb solar standing seam roof install and SolarEdge inverters for the 2021 net meter project

Design Capacity
468,600 kWh / year (original system)

System Historical Performance
437,810 kWh in 2020

solar energy farm