Heliostation™ Solar Canopy

Power that adapts to the changing world.

Our industry-leading solar canopies are designed from the ground up, by us. From space-saving ground mounts, to all-aluminum construction, and integrated EV chargers; the next generation of local power supply is here. Transform your parking lot into a power plant. Our carports are designed to fit multiple configurations and power requirements. We design for the elements. For places that have piles of snow, encounter heavy rains, that are battered by salt spray, or built over complex terrain. Our design is for those seeking a system that takes on the elements, every day, all-year. 

Built for any climate

We designed our carports with integrated snow-shedding, rain and ice management as standard. Built for the test of time, even at -30˚C.

Canopies also provide shade from UV and shelter from the sun. Protect your parking surface and prolong the lifespan of vehicles.

All aluminum construction

Lightweight, strong, and maintenance-free modular aluminum truss system. Structural elements are rust proof, fully recyclable and assembled without welding. Designed to last for generations and for superior life-cycle management. Cable management is integrated.

Spacious overhead clearance

Our carport design provides best-in-class height clearance. Our canopies range from 3 to 5 meter minimum clearance. At 5 meters our canopies are tall enough to keep fire routes clear, and provide storage space for over-size vehicles – heavy equipment, snow plows, buses, tractors and more.

EV-Ready Foundations

Intention is key to infrastructure costs. Our system adds EV-ready spaces to the system’s foundations so as the world changes, you are ready to scale, even one charger at a time.

Designed by an EPC for EPC’s

We originally designed our Heliostation solar canopy for our North American clients, but now we are offering Heliostation as a pre-fab option for other Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) companies. As an EPC you can take advantage of our industry-leading design benefits for your own projects:

  • Pre-fab construction package with assembly manual
  • Watertight canopy – gasket-free design
  • More coverage with spans up to 20m
  • Simplified bolt-based construction requires no on-site welding
  • Install and maintain panels safely from below canopy
  • EV-charger ready
  • Bi-facial panel support
  • Flexible modular layouts
  • UL 2703 certified

Designed to power your business

We understand your desire to power your business with clean, renewable energy. By transforming your under-utilized parking lot space, you can generate your own electricity and upgrade your customer parking experience. Take advantage of these stacking benefits:

  • Covered parking provides shade in summer
  • Keep snow off parked vehicles and reduce snow clearing expenses
  • Visibly connect with clientele who want to do business with forward-thinking companies
  • Achieve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals
  • Protect your business from future electricity rate increases
  • Take advantage of net-metering and build credits with surplus power generation to lower your utility bill in the off-season
  • Power your business with clean, renewable energy

Designed for anywhere.

Wireframe diagram of a monoslope design solar carport showing planar end view


Our monoslope design is perfect for commercial and facility parking areas. It’s cantilevered design provides extended shade and weather coverage for parked vehicles, and maximized solar panel area for increased power.

Wireframe diagram of a vertex design solar carport showing planar end view


Our vertex configuration is designed to provide maximum vertical clearance on both sides of the canopy. Ideal for transportation-heavy spaces such as bus depots and last-mile delivery terminals. 

Wireframe diagram of a apex design solar carport showing planar end view


Our apex model provides superior weather handling for snow-heavy climates. With it’s pitched canopy design, it manages snow load effectively to optimize power generation year-round. Also available in the taller Ceres configuration for added storage space.


Our single row cantilevered design is perfect for covering walkways and equipment. An excellent choice when there is limited space, or for retrofitting weather shelter above EV charging stations. Hermes is our most compact canopy solution.

Power Pedestals

Introducing Power Pedestals from VCT Group. These rugged EV Charging stations are designed to be installed anywhere, in any climate.

• Single or dual charger design*

• Integrated cable retractor(s)

• Built for every season

• All aluminum design

• Rustproof

• Low footprint

• Powder-coated satin finish

• Available in Jet Black or Sand

*Chargers not included. Depiction is for illustrative purposes only.



Power where you need it.

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Whether you are offering EV charging to your customers, or powering your commercial fleet, our durable power pedestals are convenient, quick to deploy and designed to support a wide range of charger models. The all-aluminum, rust-proof construction is built to take on any weather, with the superior wear and damage resistance of powder coating. Add the convenience of on-site charging to your facility. Create EV-favourable destinations with complementary or commercialized charging. Connect with clientele who want to do business with forward-looking companies. 
Install yours & power the future.

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