Solar Monitoring

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active Solar monitoring for
PV systems

Although solar PV systems are reliable, small performance issues can compound into energy production losses over time. Constantly monitoring system performance for faults can be challenging. Monitoring large portfolios of systems can be time consuming.

We recognized the need for a monitoring platform that was robust enough to actively audit our systems, identify patterns, and flag problems efficiently. We’ve partnered with Boxbrite Technologies to develop a unique solar monitoring platform and service to ensure your systems operate at peak efficiency. When problems are flagged, we’ll investigate and repair them.


Daily, detailed, data.

We’ve developed advanced low level analysis tools to reveal subcomponent problems that can otherwise last years.


Weekly performance analysis.

Our analysts study system components, environmental data, intra and inter-site data, and advanced analytics to quickly identify emerging problems.


Recurring virtual reporting.

Understand your system’s
daily performance, monitoring, investigation and repair activities at a glance.

Rapidly investigate faults.

Review hardware generated faults automatically or investigate them in seconds with our solution, tailored to your unique requirements.

Annual trends reporting.

Yearly summary reports help you understand your system’s long term trends, impact, and future outlook.

User support and feedback.

Have your questions answered
and your feedback heard with our open communications channels and requests for input.