Recommissioning and Repairs

Bring your solar PV system up to modern standards.

Solar is a great investment – but only if properly maintained. Just as our cell phones and computers show their age, the technology in solar PV systems can become outdated. Recommissioning your system and upgrading to newer technology ensures your system operates at maximum production at the most efficient cost.

A decade of solar technology advancements

A 95% efficient inverter installed in 2010. A 30 kW inverter was approximately the size of a refrigerator. Dedicated air conditioners were installed to keep the system cool.

A row of solar panel electrical inverters on the side of a factory wall.

Recently installed 97% efficient inverters. Each 33kW+ inverter is approximately the size of a carry-on bag, and we can even fit these in an overhead compartment.

The difference 2% can make 

To simplify, if your targeted return is 8%,  92% of the energy you produce is going to pay for the cost of the system, and the final 8% gives you your return on investment. Losing 2% of your energy to inefficiency costs you a quarter of your return, bringing it from 8% to 6%.

If you have an aging solar PV system and you find that it’s underperforming, consider contacting us to discuss upgrading key technology elements. Recommissioning and technology upgrades can improve the economics of your solar PV system.

Damaged solar panels


Over time, solar panels and system elements can sustain damage. Damaged solar panels can result from branches, hail, animals, and baseballs. We offer repair services to bring your system back online. For systems we construct, we maintain an inventory of matching replacement panels to reduce down time and ensure system compatibility.


Sometimes, damage can’t be seen. Our performance diagnostic services can help uncover hidden problems that cause production issues in your solar PV system.

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