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Solar. The Power to Adapt.

May 31, 2021 by VCT Group

We adapt. We always have. It’s in our nature. From our humble beginnings discovering fire, each step in the evolution of improving our lives has been powered by an increasing ability to harness the energy around us. Now we are ready to take the next great leap – solar power.  

Recent events have reminded us that we have a unique ability to adapt. As individuals, and as businesses, we have adopted new ways of living to face our challenges. We have found novel ways to meet our needs, to stay connected, and to be productive. We have once again proven our ability to adapt. 

The sun has always been the source of all our energy. Until now, we have relied on ancient sunlight that was stored in the earth. Even in fossil form, sunlight is what powers our world. It has nurtured us and powered our unprecedented expansion in the modern age; but it has become clear that harvesting the energy from the past has hard limits on its ability to carry us forward. 

Thankfully there is a revolution – old ways of doing things are giving way to new ideas. Just as we first learned to make fire, we have continued to adapt by harnessing new sources of energy. Renewable solar energy is the next evolution. It is already here. It is available today, and it is the cheapest cost of generation of all existing technologies (International Energy Authority 2020 World Energy Outlook). Advances in solar now make it possible to harvest the sun as it shines. We can cut our reliance on the energy of the past to lower our energy costs and reduce our environmental impact. As the global population grows to a projected 9 billion people by 2040 our need for energy is also increasing. We need to adopt sustainable approaches that are cheaper, more agile and that can be built out quickly to let us adapt to climate change.  

Energy does not need to be expensive. In the past we have invested in building large facilities to create energy and transport it to where it is used. Lead times of years to decades in building this centralized energy infrastructure reduces our agility. As the pace of change accelerates, this hidden adaptability cost of traditional energy infrastructure affects our ability to respond.  

In contrast, solar is a decentralized form of energy generation. All good things come from the sun, and it shines everywhere. For free. By installing solar power locally, at any scale – from residential, to facility, to utility – we can generate power cheaply right where it is used. Adaptable power that will positively change the world. 

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The shift to renewables needs to happen quickly. Nations have set aggressive targets for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, yet action continues to prove elusive on a broad scale. Solar power is the tool that empowers individuals and businesses to act now. If action is stalled at the national level, we have the collective power to adapt at the local level. Your business can lead the way. 

The modern consumer cares about climate change and is making choices that are sustainable, value-driven and that are focused on a brighter future. They want to do business with companies that prove that they are adapting with them. Leading agile brands are adopting solar because they know that showing corporate social responsibility is a positive way to connect with their customer. Energy use is a form of engagement. Engagement to be better for the climate, and better for the future.   

Adapt now. By investing in a solar installation, you can lower your electricity costs and show your customers that your business is adapting. Solar power is on target to completely change the way we harness energy, and it can change the way your organization does too. By generating your own electricity, right where you use it at a fixed rate, you can harness the power of the sun directly to improve your bottom line. 

Diagram of sun with circle of arrows around it. Harvest the sun's energy, transform it into your product, connect with modern environmentally-conscious consumers and achieve a better bottom line for your business.

At VCT Group, we are passionate about building solar energy solutions that transform how your business is powered. We believe solar is as impactful to adapting to climate change as it is on your operations budget. We will work with you to incorporate renewable energy into your business. Together, we have the power to adapt.