Commercial Solar

Power your business with clean, renewable solar

By transforming your under-utilized parking lot or roof area, you can generate your own renewable electricity. Take advantage of these stacking benefits: 

  • Power your business with clean energy
  • Protect your bottom line from future electricity grid rate increases
  • Build net-metering credits to lower your utility bill in the off-season
  • Visibly connect with clientele who want to do business with forward-thinking companies
  • Achieve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals

40 years of energy savings with a 10-12 year payback

The cost of installing solar continues to drop dramatically. The International Energy Authority (IEA) has reported that solar PV is now the cheapest form of electrical generation in history.* The “no moving parts” nature of solar technology means it is remarkably reliable, with solar panel manufacturers typically offering 25 year warranties. With rapid payback times compared to the system lifetime, solar installations can provide up to 40+ years of clean energy with only a 10-12 year payback. Once the system has been paid off, it’s like getting your power for free.


Net-metering Economic Model

The current solar economic model in Ontario is Net-metering. You consume the power you generate from your grid-connected array directly on-site. The net difference between the power you generate versus the power you use is the “net” in net-metering. When your demand exceeds your generation, the electrical grid acts as a “virtual battery” ensuring you always have enough power. When you generate more than you use, the surplus power is fed into the grid, building up energy credits that you use to reduce your energy bill in times of lower production. We work closely with you to “right-size” your system for current and projected energy usage.

Be Prepared for the Electrification of the Economy

As the economy transitions away from fossil fuels and becomes electrified, forecasted shortfalls between supply and demand by the late 2020’s from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)**  will potentially drive increases in the grid rate for power. By investing in your own power generation, you can effectively lock in your predicted electricity price and realize greater savings as the grid rate continues to climb.

Capitalize on ESG and Green Marketing Goals

Concerned customers are choosing to do business with vendors who share their belief in environmental sustainability. Solar is a highly visible way to demonstrate your environmental commitment. Lenders are also incorporating Environmental and Social Governance criteria into financial decision-making. Take advantage of solar to elevate your brand.

Alternative Solar Financing with Power Purchase Agreements

If your capital expenditure budget is limited, you may be able to acquire solar at your facility through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Check out our friends at Community Energy Development Co-operative, who specialize in community-funded solar power.

Secure Your Share of Limited Grid Capacity – Now is the time to act!

A major hurdle facing the electrical grid is a lack of feed-in capacity. While the grid is in the process of being modernized, many locations are currently limited in their capacity to accomodate solar. Talk to us today about applying to your Local Distribution Company (LDC) to secure your capacity. 

** https://www.ieso.ca/en/Sector-Participants/Planning-and-Forecasting/Annual-Planning-Outlook

System Modelling – Build with confidence

3D rendering of solar carports placed on to a visualization of a 2D site plan.

The first step of our process is modelling your system layout, performance and financial forecast. Using Helioscope™ solar simulation software and our in-house financial models, we can show you how your solar system will integrate into your site plan, and how it will impact your bottom line. You’ll always know the facts up front; and, with our system monitoring plans, you’ll have access to ongoing performance data throughout your system’s lifetime.

To learn more about the process of acquiring solar at your site, check out our Solar Process page.

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Solar Design & Installation

Desaturated photo of the corner of a solar carport sloping up to the right.

At VCT Group we do more than construct and install solar. We are advancing state of the art solar design through innovative engineering. Our design philosophy is that solar is for everyone. Solar needs to seamlessly blend into our lives. We custom design, engineer, and build for more than basic utility– we bring the power of solar down to earth.

We design systems at all scales for commercial use. Rooftop solar has led the way for the past decade and continues to drive excellent performance and value. We see the next decade and beyond as the rise of solar canopies. Solar that is accessible in the urban and pedestrian environment.

Our solar carports transform space into an uplifting, approachable and usable destination. Designed with snow and rain management as standard, they provide weather and UV protection and humanize solar power. Upgrade your parking lot with premium, protected spaces.

Solar pays for itself. To learn more about financing solar installations download our pricing guide.

Energy Services

Dramatic high contrast fisheye photo of a solar canopy. The sun is above, shining through the translucent solar cells.

We provide expert advice on all financial and regulatory aspects of solar power. The energy program landscape is constantly evolving. Our experience with the energy market ensures that the financial performance of your system maximizes your return on investment. We work closely with you to simplify the process of installing solar, from the initial site design to energizing the system, and beyond.

The economic model for solar in Ontario is Net Metering, where the difference between your energy usage and power generation results in a credit for your surplus electricity. By reviewing your energy consumption, both historical and forecast, we will design a custom solar solution that maximizes the utility of your available space.

Talk with us today about incorporating solar into your energy mix.