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EV Charging – Good for business

August 05, 2021 by VCT Group

Commercial EV Charging is preparing forward-thinking businesses, developments, and municipalities for the future of transportation. As electric vehicle prices begin to compete with their ICE (internal combustion engine) peers, EVs are becoming a natural way to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. Consumers are paying a premium upfront for their EV purchases, but with reduced maintenance (think no oil changes, tuneups, brake pad and rotor changes) and less than $10 for the equivalent of 500km of gasoline, the savings add up quickly. It’s become obvious that not only are they better for the environment, but that EVs also deliver: 

  •  Increased cargo room
  •  State of the art technology integration
  •  More range per dollar spent on vehicle
  •  Equal or better safety than ICE counterparts
There are many new EV network operators on the market ready to shake up industry. The reality is that most people charge at home, drive to work and back home again. Commercial EV chargers matter most for long range trips, emergencies, frequent trips and unexpected detours. Inclement weather can also dramatically shorten the range of an EV when the temperature drops, requiring a top-up away from home.


Cost of a 500km “tank”

Estimates based on off-peak rates, 20,000km/year 

Source:  MTO

65 to 97%

Reduction in emissions


EVs on the road in Ontario

As of February 2019

Source: Electric Mobility Canada


Savings on maintenance

Source:  MTO

Why Invest in Commercial EV Charging?

Electric vehicles continue sell in numbers beyond their ICE counterparts. Top employers are using this expansion to attract forward thinking top talent. Developers and condo boards see it as potential for improved relationships with tenancy and guests. Commercial chargers are also able to realize a new monetization opportunity from your existing space:
  • Turn your visitor parking into an even more welcoming space. Your condo or real estate development is now future ready for new tenants or to re-commit existing ones.
  • Monetize an underutilized space on your property with turn-key installation, pay per kWh (“by the kilometer”), and controlled access options.
  • Level 3 chargers prepare spaces for the next decade. Position your brand at the forefront of change, and earn returns. 

Benefits of Installing Commercial EV Chargers

Charging Destination

Attract employees, tenants, and customers

Increase Dwell Time

Elevate CSAT, or automate for rapid turnover in limited space

Show Your Values

Stand out as a green leader and innovator

Earn Returns

Unlock new revenue generation

Types of chargers

Level 2 and Level 3: Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

Level 2

  • For use in both residential and commercial spaces
  • Charge at least 7 times faster than standard 120V AC outlets
  • Simple installation and deployment
  • Compatible with all electric vehicles

Pictured: ChargePoint CT4000 Level 2


Level 3

  • For use in commercial spaces. Require 3 phase electricity.
  • Upto 250kW charging. A 20x improvement over Level 2
  • Requires specialized installation at utility scale.
  • Compatible with most electric vehicles.

Pictured: ChargePoint Express 250

What does it cost?​

Procurement, systems design, installation and maintenance all factor into EVSE charging setup. EVSE are available from multiple vendors and all provide varying levels of benefits, services, and support. Pricing out a system requires knowledge of what your intention is on the property. Examples include: revenue generating, keyed access, complimentary, timed access, etc. Every installation is unique and can be customized accordingly.


Range between $4000 and $100K+

Example: 4 chargers (any make) on average cost between $18k and $26k for full installation depending on location and construction work required.


Network and Cloud

Most EVSE providers charge rates based on their custom services, transaction fees and platforms. Typical per month rate is ~$19/charger for a revenue generating site.


Keeping Everything Operational

As with cloud access, some EVSE providers offer over the air maintenance to systems, some do not. VCT works with companies that give you the best support at the most favourable price.

Why Work With VCT Group?

At VCT Group we are predominately engaged in the design and construction of solar projects. From our new solar carport to high-end architectural integrations; our focus is always on quality over quantity. EV chargers complement solar projects. Even if you are not yet using solar, equipment at your location is best installed by people who understand your business and your customer. We guarantee your installation quality is beyond anything offered elsewhere. Talk to us about your EV charger installation.